Autopilot is a automated bot that aims at easing your daily life at Steem and Steem Engine.

Autonomous Car

Image Source: Wikipedia - Autonomous Car CC BY-SA 4.0

Current Features

  1. Automatically claim the SCOT tokens (PAL, SCT, ZZAN, etc.) for the users of this service every hour

How to Use

In order to register for autopilot,

  1. Authorize @self-driving account with steemconnect to grant the posting authority. You can check whether you did this successfully in Authorities section in{your_account}
  2. Delegate at least 2 SP to @self-driving account as a service registration step, so autopilot knows you want to enable the service. The delegation tool such as can be used for the delegation. We need this delegation step because we don’t have a decent UI for this service yet. We’ll cancel the needs for delegation after this service gets mature, and you can undelegate the SP then.

Future Plan

We’ll update the doc after more features are available for surfing the Steem and Steem Engine world more efficiently.